OMAP35x HDMI (Video + Audio)

Hi champs,

what are the options to implement "full" HDMI (Video and Audio
channels) in the OMAP35x on the BeagleBoard? how can we do this?


In order to integrate the audio and HDMI into one stream, you would need to add a HDMI framer device onto the LCD interface pins and add wires manually to jumper the audio output from the TPS65950 into the device. As the McBSP signals are embeeded into the PCB layout, adding the wires will be a very tough undertaking. In short, you can’t do it. You would need a new ground up design.


McBSP1 and 3 are available on the expansion connector. With SW support audio can be driven out through them into an external HDMI framer. Getting proper audio clock rates from McBSP can be hard though unless the framer can drive the audio clock. Optionally, if MCBSP_CLKS is connected to a good audio clock source (like it is on the BB) it can be used to get the right rates.

  • Juha

Unless using McBSP1 or 3 from the expansion header instead of McBSP2 currently going to TPS65xxx J

Getting hold on a full (Video+Audio) HDMI chip and datasheet is however a bit more difficult – At least in small quantities and without signing NDA, etc…