omapfbplay error when building Angstrom


I am building Angstrom with the .27 kernel (i.e. using linux-omap
instead of linux-omap2 in beagleboard.conf). The build bombs with the
following error:

omapfbplay.c:40:38: error: asm-arm/arch-omap/omapfb.h: No such file or

So there appears to be an error in the .bb file for omapfbplay. Any

I did a git pull before the build. So it has the latest sources.

Thanks very much.

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It's not an error in the recipe, the recipe builds an omapfbplay
version that assumes you have a kernel that predates the arm header
move (e.g. 2.6.26).



i have a local overlay for my own packages,
i just put a blank recipe in ~oe/local/packages/omapfbplay/

is this a good way to tell OE to just skip that package?