omapfbplay snapshot version 20090711 - howto compile and more questions

Hi !

I'm working on the omapfbplay snapshot version.
Does someone has an example file, there isn't any on the git
and I did not manage to create the right one. ( I did not try it
hard :wink: ).

Mans added an interesting 'driver' stuff that let extend omapfbplay.
However in files timer.h and display.h there are variables declared
extern and not implemented anywhere, is missing a C file or not ?
extern const struct timer *ofb_timer_start[], *ofb_timer_end[];
extern const struct display *ofb_display_start[], *ofb_display_end[];

For now I'm using my own makefile and compiled omapfbplay statically
initializing the driver list.
note : The MACRO that register driver does not affect the list.
==> EDIT : it surely because I'm not compiling magic-head & magic-tail
assembly files in my makefile. I'll add them soonly and report. Can
someone explain how do theses macro works to add drivers ?

What is netsync for ?

Could someone explain why a jpeg file does not display with omapfbplay
(libavcodec recognize the format) ?
Is this because of XV output ? Or the way that we manage the decoded
frames ?



where to get the omapfbplay source.

Thanks and Regards,


i downloaded the snapshot version of omapfbplay.

in the makefile,

“include $(or $(CONFIG),$(ARCH),$(shell uname -m)).mk”

where to find the files.

Any hints, how to create for omapfbplay and what are the dependencies for the compiling.

Thanks and Regards,