OMAP's ISP module.

Is there anybody out there interested in developing a new version of
the Beagle Board with a drop-in camera module?
I'm new to the Beagle Board and have recently purchased one. I was
disappointed to learn that the BB does not use the OMAP processor's
Image Signal Processing Unit. I'm interested in designing a new
version of the BB that allows the user to access those signals with a
drop in camera module or a NTSC decoder. The beagle board could then
be used for real-time image processing for robotics, overlaying a HUD
on a video feed, making a smart web cam, and other various things.

Ah! Not for Pro-bono, I am a PCB Designer and it's not quite a walk in the
park for 6 & 8 layer board even for POP chip level.
FYI Advantech is getting into the game with the omap 3530 board of there own
as a Linux alternative to there X86 Atom board
the price is targeted bellow $250 and $300 for SATA HD support.... not as
cheep at Beagles $149.00 but you will get a whole lot more.. another thought
,it would be cool if Gumstick dumped there omap3503 board and go with 3530..