One Dead Beaglebone black- Oh dear

Hi all,
I followed and had ubuntu running off an sd card, my woes started when I installed desktop packages and gave reboot command.

I then had no hdmi and resorted to an sdcard system image that gave display output breifly.

I copied the latest beaglebone eMMC flasher and now have just a power light after an hour with activity to start.

Cycling the power has no effect, it looks like boot loader corruption.

Before I get element 14 /farnell to refund it as faulty-any Ideas please?


Just reflash it.

Make sure you disconnect Ethernet, HDMI, and USB when you flash it.
Make sure you eject the SD card before you power cycle after fl;ashing.
Power the board over DC for the best results.

All of this is also pointed out at the above link.


i think we sort of verified once upon a time that you probably want
to disconnect any FTDI/USB to serial connector as well, as leaving
mine connected seemed to hang the reflash process every time.


Keep in mind that the flashing entity is Linux running on the board itself. So anything that can potentially interrupt that process can really screw things up.


not to sound self-serving, but i once documented exactly *how* that
reflashing process works:

let me know if i documented anything incorrectly.


And I have a link to this on the link I sent.


FYI, I've used a FTDI cable to monitor the flash process (without problems), but I use an external barrel jack 2A power supply.
I suspect having anything connected and using just USB power is asking for trouble.