Onewire DTS file

Hi all,

Does anyone out there actually understand what the

gpios = <&gpio2 13 0>; line does in the onewire DTS file. Somebody somewhere must have designed this function but I can find no reference to it anywhere. It seems that the general consensus is to take a similar dts file and modify it for what you want it to do.

I really want to have 4 x onewire lines active for a mass of temperature sensors but I’ve been unable to get it to work.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Okay so that should read gpios = <&gpio2 13 0>; was expecting html reactions


I also want two ore more 1-wire lines!

I tried different things but nothing helps.
Even 2 DTS-Modules does not work for me. The first you load works and the second is ignored :frowning: