online image builder

Hi folks!

I try to build any kind of images in Online builder with no success at all! Is it alive or not? Who is responsible for this service?


It is slow, just wait for it to finish.

Used it myself yesterday. Just have to be patient and dont choose too
many packages as it increases the wait time quite a lot. The interface
has no progress, so I thought it wasnt working myself. I think it
should work. What problems are you seeing - you should be more
specific in your "alive or not" - can you access the webpage? can you
start the build process?

I can access the webpage and choose packages. The problem is that even after a few hours of waiting I can see only “Assembling image”. Am not I patient?
I choose necessary packages, start building and then just don’t touch that webpage, leaving it in a background and doing my jobs.

2010/11/28 Andrew Capon <>


Just wait a bit longer, it gets there in the end…



5 hours have passed and still nothing :frowning:

2010/11/28 Andrew Capon <>

Which browser are you using? jQuery doesn't like browsers with buggy javascript.

firefox 3.6.12

2010/11/29 Koen Kooi <>