Hello all
I’ve installed ubuntu in my laptop and worked with opencv and compiled some projects in ubuntu (using CMake cross compiler)
some days ago I bought an beagleboard (omap3530)RevC4 AND installed angstrom with opencv library included to it , but I did not find Cmake package for compiling
my projects , do any one of you know if it is possible to compile opencv projects without installing Cmake package ?(what should I do?)
(my board is not connected to internet so I got to download the packages from my laptop and then install it using shell commands .)
one more question :
is it also possible to install ubuntu for my board , because I’ve read in some pages that ubuntu is only for beagleboard -xm and ubuntu is not supported in my board !
thanks guys.

It's supported, just not by Canonical


for community support....



You can compile opencv projects using gcc & g++ compiler (Provided gcc ,g++ and opencv should be installed on your board). The command line to compile opencv is as follows

gcc -o outputfile filename.c pkg-config --libs opencv pkg-config --cflags opencv

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thanks for your reply
But that did not help me , I’ve downloaded a toolchain containing materials for gcc and g++ and extracted the package and put it in usr\local
then according to some pages I went to
and entered the following command in the terminal window (to config the gcc and g++):
root@beagleboard:/usr/local/angstrom/arm/# ./environment-setup
and after running “environment-setup” (nothing happend in the terminal window and it just moved to the next command line)
I inserted your command (g++ -o Histogram Histogram.cpp pkg-config --libs opencv pkg-config --cflags opencv)to see if I can compile my code or not , but there were errors which told me that gcc is not installed !!!
I’m sure that I have gcc 4.3.3 in above folder but I don’t know why angstrom can not find it’s address !
what should I do now ?


You can download arm cross compiler in your host set the cross-compiler path, then compile opencv programs using gcc,g++ cross-compiler and then execute output file it on beagleboard.

Hope this helps you.


Rahim I don’t think you have installed gcc correctly.

Why dont you try using apt-get to install gcc…
Try an
su to root

apt-get update
apt-get install g++

By the way, I had build the Angstrom image with “build-essentials” and gcc compilers and even OpenCV libraries from Narcissus; so did not have any issues at all using OpenCV