Open GL ES 1.1 vs. 2.0

I am working toward getting a 3D game written to run on Beagle board.
Ogre3D has GL ES 1.1 support available but it needs some work.

I like the effects possible with the programmable pipeline in GL ES

Other than the fixed function versus programmable pipeline, is there
any advantage to using
2.0 over 1.1? Is there any reason to stick with 1.1?

This will be specific to Omap3, I am not planning to port this to
other platforms.


I think 1.1 still allows you to use OpenGL immediate mode rendering. i.e.


Well, the begin/end paradigm is not supported in ES1.1. It is there
only in the SC profile (other than opengl itself).

There are little reasons to start coding with ES1.1 if you are
starting fresh, other than ease of use.

What engine are you trying out ?