Open Linux Tools

Hi all,

As part of my college project, I have started my investigation on Open Linux Tools and would like get it verified and validated on Beagle Board.

To start with I have populated few Linux tools that I found doing a google around, the attached document contains my list of tools that I think can help us on Beagle and other open platforms for benchmarking, profiling, measuring system utilization & performance, multimedia tools etc…

It would be kind of you if you can review the list and suggest which of these tools according to you might be well suited for this purpose. There may be better tools available and may not have been listed in this list, can you also suggest those that are important and not part of my list.

I would like to try few of these on a beagle board and submit the procedure back to beagle community, will come back to your support for the same – any thought on which one to start first?


Avik Juneja

Open_Linux_Tools.pdf (1.66 MB)


You mentioned Eclipse-OProfile, but not running Eclipse natively on the board. I would most want to see native Eclipse. That would be great for classroom environments where there are a limited number of PCs as well as when Eclipse is used as a front-end for other applications, including debug visualization tools.

I would rank OProfile highest among the projects you listed, but that is in more of a debugging phase than development. Your contributions to debugging OProfile would be quite welcome.

Eclipse-OProfile would help round things out.

I would rank Lmbench quite high.

Chordstats sounds intriguing.

Thanks for the great contribution. Hopefully others will also give you feedback. You might want to put a summary line for each topic in the e-mail body, as many people will not bother to open the PDF.

There is a patch for Oprofile to support v7 from Jean Pihet of MV. I tried it for 3430 SDP. The same should work for Beagle.


The Oprofile patches are available here.

For Kernel:
For user space components: