OpenCL support?

Quick question: Is it planned to support OpenCL?

I know other A8 devices (like Apples iPad or iPhone) offer OpenCL.



I'm interested too. This would make the GPU useful to me :slight_smile:


Philip Balister wrote:


Animal brains, including those of humans, have a massively parallel architecture.
Even though we only think at hundreds of kilometers an hour, rather than hundreds of thousands of km/h,
due to our massively parallel architecture we can do many more simultaneous computations than a CPU.

GPU’s are also parallel architectures, which can be used for computing through OpenCL.
The top supercomputers today are GPU heavy.

OpenCl can make the beagleboard/bone much more useful for AI, robotics, cryptography, telephony,
since for instance, neuro-nets (video/audio/text recognition), genetic-algorithms, and encryption/decryption all are parallel heavy processes.
The future is parallel, and we are likely to see more operating systems that offload to GPU’s much of their processing. some relevant research

even the most minor of GPU upgrades, from PowerVR 5 PowerVR5XT i.e. from SGX530 to SGX543, which is a total of ~ 14 Gflops (faster than Deep Blue, and top super computer of 1989), or if we wanted one with better graphics that raspberry pi the SGX554 at 29Gflops, or on level with iphone6 which has GX6450 166.4/332.8 GFlops (~top supercomputer of 1996). Then with 4 beagleboard we could get a Terraflop (~top 1997 supercomputer), the way in which modern Supercomputers are measured.

I don’t know how this would impact the price of the beaglebone, since I couldn’t find prices of powerVR chips,
though I would imagine that there is at least one OpenCL compliant chip which would require only a marginal price increase. The only other open board on the market I’m aware of with OpenCL support is the ODroid-XU line with price-tags in the $180+ range, it uses MPI-T6 line.

so anyways, I’m wondering what’s the status, are there any plans on the drawing board for a next beagleboard?

O Tuesday, April 27, 2010 9:56:27 AM UTC-4, Philip wrote:

So buy an SoC that has the GPU you want? The TI AM335x BeagleBone is not it.

The next TI SoC uses an SGX530 if your hell bent on using TI.