OpenCV Development Tool install


I’m having what very much is a beginners question, but thusfar I haven’t seen a definitive answer. I am starting work with the BeagleBone Black running Angstrom and I would like to cross compile an OpenCV program. My development host is running XUbuntu, and I’ve installed the gnueabi cross compiler. However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to go about installing the libraries for OpenCV. I know I need them to be cross compiled for the Angstrom target, but is this available pre-packaged or do I need to build the OpenCV libraries from scratch using a cross compiler?

Thanks for the answer to the (seemingly) basic question.


A previous post on this list:!topic/beagleboard/Smysj-UjYfE

For me installing ubuntu and compiling my stuff on the beaglebone just worked.

Is it not possible then to cross compile openCV programs under Ubuntu on a desktop and transfer the images to the Beaglebone? Compiling right on the embedded target isn’t the greatest way to do things for embedded systems development.

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