OPENCV on Beagle Board XM

I want to run OPENCV with a Leopard Imaging camera module on the
Beagle Board XM. Has anyone done this? Do I need to do it through
JTAG to make use of the OMAP DSP?

Thanks !

I'm just using a rec C4 BB but the principle should be the same. If
you want to make use of the DSP you would need to install the
necessary TI packages DSPLink and the LPM module at the very least and
the Codec Engine and CMem modules if you want to enable more options
for utilizing the DSP.

If memory serves correctly your camera has a serial port not serial?
if you want to offload the camera images to the DSP you need to use
the McBSP port, I saw a camera that can connect to the BB via the
expansion port and can dump pics straight to the DSP. The McBSP bus
is the same as the SPI you'll just need to change some register value,
basically SPI->connects to ARM McBSP -> connects to C64x+ DSP.

you only need the JTAG port if you have a hardware debugger that you
want to connect to a PC running TI's Code Composer to perform
line-by-line debugging.

To the best of my knowledge OpenCV doesn't have DSP which means you'll
have to do some integration work.