OpenCV : VIDIOC_REQBUFS: Cannot allocate memory

Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I’ve tried both the Angstrom and Debian images as well as the V4l2 grabber code that was posted above, but all produce the memory allocation error. Cheese can capture images. It looks like cheese uses a custom camera object based on GLib. Is there no way to use openCV or V4l2 to capture directly from the cape? Thanks,


Here’s a quick update on my progress and the kludge I’ve been using. I’ve tried every combination of V4l2 settings I could find but could not get any too work. I then tried V4l2ucp which did work. Looking at the source code it calls mplayer to display the video. Mplayer also worked well, and it uses V4l2 to capture images from the cape. I’ve resorted to calling mplayer from Qt and having it dump several images to files, then I read in the files with opencv and do the processing I need. It works but is definitely a kludge. If anyone knows or can figure out what V4l2 settings mplayer uses then we could grab directly from the camera.