Openembedded and the Beagleboard xM

I’ve been trying to build angstrom for the Beagleboard xM rev.C. I have openembedded working and I can even build images now,
but I can’t find how to select the patch set for the beagleboard xM. Since there is no specific machine for it (as far as I know), I used

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ config beagleboard
MACHINE=beagleboard ./ update

MACHINE=beagleboard ./ bitbake systemd-image

to build the image. Once I install what I get to an SD card and boot it up on my board, I’m locked to 800 MHz even if I set
mpurate=1000 in my uEnv.txt. I’ve had a 3.2.x kernel working with the BBxM before, with the patches but that was
RobertCNelson’s build script. Not that there is anything wrong with that script mind you, but I wanted to run Angstrom

on the board for a particular project, and I wanted to stick to the standard Angstrom build system if I could. Also, how
do I add patches into the openembedded build system for an existing machine? Seems Angstrom does not include the
sprz319 erratum patch that fixes the Beagleboard xM’s usb problem.

  • Nathaniel