I was trying to build the openOCD to use with the Flyswater JTAG debugger. I was following the steps at , However, while running the configuration with the libftd2xx1.0.4, I end up with -

checking whether standard drivers can be built… yes
checking uninstalled ftd2xx distribution… -L/home/bharath/libftd2xx1.0.4/static_lib /home/bharath/libftd2xx1.0.4/static_lib/libftd2xx.a
checking whether ftd2xx library works… configure: error: Cannot build & run test program using ftd2xx.lib

This is after I created the folder static_lib and placed the libftd2xx.a file there. Things seem to work just fine if I use the unsupported 0.4.16 version. A lot of bug fixes were implemented after this version.

Does anyone have any tips on dealing with this?

Thank you.