openSUSE Build Service 1.6 Released - ARM support


The openSUSE project is releasing the 1.6 version of the build service
that includes support for compiling packages for the ARM platform, which
is primarily used for embedded devices. The support for
cross-architecture build support means that developers can create RPM or
Debian packages for openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora now also for ARM

More Information about this you can find at: The buildservice is accessable via, in order to build packages you need to register.
There is also an IRC channel about it on freenode:
#opensuse-buildservice. For the even more interested ones of you, please
feel free to check the FOSDEM talks about Buildservice you can find

We have put a lot of work into making it maximum compatible to existing
Linux Distros, which are working for ARM. See a list (under

I hope you get lots if fun should you decide to use this.

Regards, Martin Mohring
Maintainer openSUSE Buildservice Developer Releases