opkg update fails :(

Hello list;

When I try to do an “opkg update” the server has been timing out …

This is the address that opkg is pointing to:


Is this the right address ??



Yeah I noticed that too. I just posted the same thing on the BeagleBone group. The address is correct and worked a few days ago.

Seems to work, thanks. I used sed to do a bulk replace in that directory:

sed -i ‘s/feeds.angstrom/www.angstrom/g’ *-feed.conf


I change the first feed to www and it did update the isssue is now I can log in. The Gui comes up and I tried the root logon nothing.
I think if you create a user first before the udate you might be in better shape.

That is suppose to say cann’t log in.
I don’t know the correct key strokes to stop at the command line. It goes straight into the gui.

Ok got it figured out. Was able to get to the root log in by CRTL ALT F1 all is well with the world now.


Good to know Glenn, but this should be automatic as before, No ?