Optimal LCD monitor for beagleboard


What are the current recommendations for getting monitor with the
maximum resolution natively supported by beagleboard?

More specifically, are these going to be fine?
1. BenQ G2020HD, 1600x900, TN, DVI-D
2. Samsung F2080, 1600x900, pivot, cPVA, 2x DVI-D

Samsung seems to have much better specs (and a bit higher price), but
according to the user manual, supported vertical refresh range is 56-75Hz
for it. BenQ is specified to support 50-76Hz.

Right now I have LG W2442PA monitor which works at 1680x945@48Hz (and
according to the manual, it was also supposed to support 56-75Hz).
It's more or less fine, but strains eyes when using browser or text
editors for a long time at non-native resolution.

So I just wonder what would happen if I get this Samsung monitor. What
are the chances of it working fine at native 1600x900 resolution?
It would suck if I just buy it and it does not work well :slight_smile:

One other option is to just get LCD TV and set it to work with something
like 1080p@30. Anybody using it? Is 30Hz refresh working fine and responsive?

I have 1080p24 working on my TV, but I switched to 720p60 to get a better mouse response.