Orbital Imaging Cubesat

Hello ,

I am interested for doing Orbital Imaging Cubesat project. I am from 4th year in Electronics and Communication department. I have go through the documentation given on the idea page. I am currently working on the control and navigation of Quadrotor as my major project. I do have good experience with hardware interfacing and with programming languages.

SO please guide me how can start preparing for http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard/GSoC/Ideas#Orbital_Imaging_Cubesat.



Ketul Shah

Hi Ketul,

Have you engaged any mentors for this ? Best place to do that is the #beagle-gsoc IRC channel on Freenode.
Steve Arnold is the mentor on this project and he goes by the IRC nickname of nerdboy.


Dear Ketul,
Were you able to contact Steve Arnold?

Hi paul philip,

Yes I have contacted Steve Arnold on IRC. He updated wiki page according to our discussion.



Dear Ketul,
Could you tell me on how to contact him? I am trying IRC but had no luck.

Thaking You