Ordering beagle board from India through Digi-Key


This cost analysis was requested by my friend, so that he can decide
to buy this board either from digi-key or cranes software.

Directly buying from digi-key online:
1. Board Cost - 149$
2. Shipping cost to India - UPSW - 81$
3. Import Duty - 1275 INR - 30$ (@ 42INR per $)

So, beagle board will cost you approx 260$ if you are going to order
it directly from digi-key.

On the other side, Cranes software is quoting this board at 9999 INR
(Approx 238$), including serial cable and power adapter. Please note
that it is not so easy to get flat ribbon cable and HDMI-DVI connector
here in India until you go hunting in special (often very crowded and
located very far from main City) area. I hope this helps.

Hi Trilok Soni,

  Thanks for the nice information. Interested in getting from Cranes,
I'm sure few others in the group is interested as well. Can you provide the
contact details of person in Cranes Software for ordering.


Hi Vinoth,

Hi vinoth / trilok

has any of you recieved the board. how long does it take after placing
the order

Hi Udayan,

Hi Vinoth,

Here's the contact details :-

Cranes Software International Limited

Senthil Murugan - Sr.Product Engineer -TI Division
Mob: +91 9880326913, Ph: + 91 – 080 - 40105200(EXTN 1218)

happy tinkering..

- Parth Suthar