[OT] One day BB workshop @ Carteblanche event, Chennai, India

Dear all,
        This is Prakash from Chennai. As a Linux/Embedded systems/FOSS
enthusiast, planing to conduct a one day workshop on BB at
Carteblanche-2010, MIT campus, Anna university, Chennai, India.
Carteblanche is a FOSS event, every year organizing by Computer
society of MIT jointly with students, LUGs and FOSS enthusiasts. This
year they are planing to conduct an one day workshop on BB for those
who are interested in Linux/FOSS hardware platform, Embedded systems,
Robotics,.etc. The event link, http://cb.csmit.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=73&Itemid=71
       In south India region, there are many BB enthusiast are waiting
for participating such a workshop on BB. However we are lagging in
providing the resources like Beagleboard, speakers,
demonstrations,.etc. We are cordially invite if you are interested to
participate in this workshop either by Speaker or Delegate. The
suggested topics are (topics are not yet confirmed),

* Introduction to FOSS and Open source philosophy behind the open
hardware and BB project
* Brief introduction about BB and its features (BB, Internals, OMAP,
How it useful for learning,..)
* BB on applications development (like Android, Automations,
Robotics,.etc )
* Howto Boot Linux or any other OS from BB (explain lab setup with
* Full demo session (keep the stalls and demonstrate to the audience
with BB)

If you are interested to provide any talks (from the above or a better
one), please contact me.

We are expected to demonstrate with atleast 5-10 BBs in the demo
session. But we dont have at this moment. If you are already an BB
user and if you are interested to give a demo (only with BB or with a
application) on BB at our workshop, please contact me in offline.

Looking forward your valuable contribution on this BB workshop at

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash A S.