[OT] online kernel programming course for beginners

i realize this is off-topic for this list but, for various reasons,
i've decided to start a new venture writing and publishing online
linux-related courses aimed at *beginners*, and here's the first one
that's going up:


  no, it's not free. while the first few lessons have been posted
publicly so folks can see the format of the course, the free content
part is now over and the rest of the course is available only to
registered students for the princely sum of $39 (CAD). that's $39 for
the entire course, *not* per lesson, just in case that wasn't clear.

  so it's clearly a commercial venture on my part but at that price
and given how much work i'm putting into it, i'm pretty sure i won't
be getting rich off of this any time soon. :slight_smile: it's just something
i've wanted to do for a long time, and i finally bit the bullet and
decided to go ahead and do it.

  as i said, it's for *newbies*, not accomplished kernel hackers so if
you know anyone who's wanted to get into kernel programming and knows
*nothing* about it, send them over and let them work through those
first few lessons and make up their own mind. all of that stuff is
massively interactive, with comments sections and mailing lists and
being able to email me directly and so on.

  and on that note, i will not mention this again since i know i'm
already pushing the bounds of decorum on this list. if you have any
questions about the course (and possible, more advanced followup
courses if this one works), drop me a note.