Out of storage on device

Hi All,

Over the last few years my company have been using the same Angstrom eMMC flasher image, followed by a custom eMMC flashing image to set up a docking system. I recently bought some new boards (the first order for about a month). For some reason, although i am following the same steps as usual, while flashing the custom image, i am getting a message that the device is out of storage space.

I have read what someone else has posted, about an similar issue, but because these images worked on any boards before (whether the BeagleBone Black, or Element 14’s copy), and only now they are not working i am slightly concerned due to the amount of work put into the original image. Has something changed in the hardware of the boards? Or is Debian hiding a partition that i cannot access when flashing Angstrom over it?

Any help would be appreciated!


If you get a messade device is out of storage space, your SD card procedure is wrong.