Out-of-the box working camera for BeagleBoard-xM?


I got a bit annoyed that the VGA camera board (LI-LBCMVGA) that was
"advertised" in BeagleBoard manual actually does not work out-of-the-box
with newer kernels. Could have done better homework on there...

Anyway... I would like to have easy to maintain camera solution aka.
plug-it-in and just use it.

If I am not mistaken only camera that actually might work is LI-5M03.
This seems to feature MT9P031 which seems to be found from Linux kernel
3.5 series and also in 3.0 series so it seems to have stabilized a bit.

MT9P031 seems to support down scaling to VGA resolution so seems to be
OK "replacement" for LI-LBCMVGA. Also seems to come with some datasheets
that actually tell something.

There seems to be two versions available one without a lens and one with
it, LI-5M03 and LI-5M03CS. One with the lens is not mentioned in Leopard
Imaging's BeagleBoard-xM page. How easy it is to find lens that fits in
the adapter if one would be needed?

So basically my question is what are the successes of the group with
those modules?

Vesa Jääskeläinen


I’m currently experimenting with the LI-5MO3 camera modules for a portable, medical machine vision system. I’m also looking up for something that is easy to set up (minimal amout of coding, that is) for proof-of-concept works and prototyping. The best I’ve found so far is this blog:


In it, you will find binary images for booting your board, a Linux 3.2 kernel image and a complete, Angstrom-based filesystem to start experimenting with your camera. It works but performances are a bit disappointing so my current objective is to improve its frame rate.

I haven’t figured out why it is so sluggish (6 fps) even if there is a parallel interface between the board and the camera and the fact that the DM3730 system-on-chip has a powerful camera sub-system (read: insanely complex hardware programing model).

Unless you wish to mount your camera at 90 degrees relative to your Beagle Board, I would recommend buying the extension cable from LI too. I didn’t when I ordered my camera and had to send another order for it.

That’s it! This is where I stand. Good luck!