Out yet?

I didn’t think it was due out until mid-December. I’m seeing one or two places on the net that claim to have stock.

No boards have shipped. We are in layout to fix FCC issues. We are hoping to get a few boards out by the end of the year.


Who is saying they have stock?
I am always looking for scumbag vendors to NEVER buy from.
— Graham

Here is one place: http://www.neutronusa.com/prod.cfm/2368628/glb?gclid=CJXhrIOEtskCFQaJaQod5iII_A

i have never heard of the place before. I saw at least one other place claiming to have boards in stock but they are not coming up in a google search right now.

I found another one:


Claims they have one in stock.

I am sure they will say they have just sold it to someone else if you order it, and your waiting time for the next delivery is 8 weeks.

Except that they will keep forgetting to take that one available off the website.

I had Element 14 do that to me during one of the BBB shortages.

I initially thought it was an honest mistake, but after a few weeks of that one unit in stock still being advertised for sale, I wrote to them telling them what I thought of their marketing practices.

They wrote back apologizing, and pretty much admitting that is what had happened, that it was some kind of administrative error, and was not intentional, etc., etc.

But they still did not take that one non-existant unit off their webpage for several more weeks.

I don’t buy from them anymore, either.

I guess the good news, is that it means a lot of people are interested in the X-15, and it will be a success.

— Graham

That is the other place I saw, both places looked shady so I wanted to check first as I was pretty sure the board was not due out until at least mid-December or later.

Guys, if it’s not from Digikey, Adafruit, Amazon, or the like. Forget about it. Amazon is actually bad enough as usually when dev boards sell there, they’re sold by a third party for a huge markup.

On Sun, 29 Nov 2015 14:57:35 -0700, William Hermans
<yyrkoon@gmail.com> declaimed the following:

Guys, if it's not from Digikey, Adafruit, Amazon, or the like. Forget about
it. Amazon is actually bad enough as usually when dev boards sell there,
they're sold by a third party for a huge markup.

  Don't remind me... TI had an outage on the TIVA Connected (TM4C1294, a
$20 board at TI), pulled $54 from me via an Amazon third-party. At least my
other copy (and the Crypto versions) were snagged directly.

I have tried order from both of those places, both ended up telling me not in stock, and canceled my order. They both told me 12 week lead time with is same as everywhere else. My Master degree project has been highly delayed due to this, I dont even know how to finish my project in time, before next feb

I suggest that you contact Jason Kridner. He might be able to help.


I'm around here. Not much to add except those are all bogus purchase
links. On the official product page (BeagleBoard.org - x15), we
have nothing but a "register your interest" link right now. Once the
board reaches production and I have an official list of distributors
who will have boards in stock in the first production run, I'll update
the page with a drop-down list of distributors and send out a
notification e-mail to all those who have registered interest.

For serious contributors to open source projects, I've got a small
stash of boards I've been handing out. It requires that you actually
engage the lists and make public commitments to what you are going to
contribute. For those paying attention, it shouldn't be that hard.
"I'll test it out" isn't a significant contribution.

Hi Jason,

I am a Master student in electrical engineering in Cal State Long Beach. My graduate project is camera detection safety device. For example preventing car collision. Last year, I have tried beagleboard xm, which is a great board for this purpose. However, it runs slowly even at low resolution 15 fps at 640480. My professor was not satisfied with it. I need a new solution, the X15, which is a beast comparing to xm. No need to point out the improvement on x15, almost everything. I can’t wait to see it gives me high resolution at high fps result. My goal is 12401024 at 24 or 30 fps, or FHD if possible. I am currently optimizing my algorithm on XM, but honestly, there is not much potential to jump up. Also I have tried BBB as alternative, but no luck as I expected. There are some other board available in the market, which are either too expensive or much less resources, Beagleboard x15 is the only one that suits me my need.

My project due late Feb 2016, I really dont have much time to wait for official release. You are my last chance to get my project done in time.

Thank you for your help.


Sounds like a good project to use the x15's dsp..

Here's ti's opencl docs:


With the right graphics gpu, you could prototype this today. :wink:


Please reply to
and request to join that group. Your answer below isn't really
sufficient to convince me that your work will be reusable in open
source software projects. APIs, potentially like
https://www.khronos.org/openglsc/, give people something to work with.
If you illustrate you have some expertise and are going to make sure
to publish source code that will really be useful to the community,
I'll send you the form to request a board donation.


is it out?

I still cannot find it to buy.


No, it is not out yet. Looking at another 6 weeks or so estimated.


Still updating for FCC. Expecting shipments in about 6 weeks.

I am a scientist racing for the good of all mankind, locked in heated battle for the cure that is the prize,
It’s so dangerous but I’m determined, do you think I will be able to purchase a x-15 as I go upwards to the vanguard, where the pressure is too high?

Yes, you will be able to purchase it. As to the pressure, as long as you hold it and are OK, it should be fine.