OwnCloud/File Server wich OS


i have this project in my mind…:wink:

I would like to have a small homeserver, to sync my contacts, Calender, a bit of file storage, an maybe mp3’s movies etc.
I would like to sync my Contacts and Calenders with android and Mac OS,
I thougt about the Beaglebone Black with Owncloud connected with a USB Hard drive, and a Ethernt connection to my network.

But befor i start i have some questions:

  • Will it be powerfull enough? (it doesn’t need to be super fast)
  • Which OS should i choos? (ubuntu, ubuntu server, CentOS…many more)
  • is Owncloud the “right” Software for this? Any alternativs?

Please share your thoughts, ideas, alternativs!

I’m thankfull for every input
Thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad english its not my nativ language.
BR Gabriel