P10 Led Library for Beaglebone Black

I want to run a P10 LED panel using C++ and SPI with Beaglebone. Is there a library I can use for this? There is a library called DMD (Dot Matrix Display) for Arduino, but I cannot adapt it to beaglebone. In particular, I could not adapt the pin definitions. Can you help me?

Are the pin definitions just for setting the SPI pins ?

If so you can ignore that, assuming the SPI bus is enabled already. You may need to load a devicetree overlay. Which SPI bus/pins are you using ?

The rest should be fairly simple to convert. Google SPIDEV Linux and C should probably find you some example code to write bytes to the SPI bus.

If you have the Linux kernel source available, look in tools/spi. There are a couple of C files there which write/read data to an SPI bus.