P8/P9 <=> Expansion Header A/B ???


I am using the Beaglebone in combination with the LCD7 Cape.

Because I have not found a way to carefully detach the Beaglebone
again from the back of the LCD7 Cape I have no way to look onto
the board printings from the expansion header side of the beaglebone

In the System Reference manual there two ways to reference the
expansion headers: Simply as "Expansion A" and "Expansion B" on the
photos showing the Beaglebone and as "P8" and "P9" when it comes to
mux modes, gpio settings and such.

But what is what? P9 <==> Expansion B , P8 <==> Expansion A ???

And: Is there any way to detach the Beaglebone from the LCD7 Cape
without demage?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

Use P8 and P9. P8 is the connector that is closest to the edge of the LCD7 board when the BeagleBone is plugged into the LCD7. The one to the left of the microSD.



Hi Gerald,

thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Do you know a way to detach both without risking a damage ?

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Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org> [12-09-02 15:26]:

Not really. I can do it, but I not sure I can describe it. We are working to find shorter connectors to reduce the friction, but so far, we have not had much luck.One of the selling features of those types of connectors is a tight fit. Unfortunately, that is not exactly what we need.

What you need to do is raise it not more than 1/4 inch on each edge, alternating it until it is off. After you put it on and then take it off a few times it gets easier.


Hi Gerald,

...I fear to twist one or both PCBs so one of those very tiny
fleas....hrrrmmmm....resistors/capacitors/diodes jumps off the
PCB and that would be the end of the story...

I thought of something like this (but I dont have such things):

                                        that corner
+---------------------------------------+ -

                                      > > height
                                      > >

+---------------------------------------+ -
this corner

<-------------(length)------------------> (X) depth

This above is a piece of plastic. Its length is ~1/3 longer than
the length of a expansion header. Its depth is a little smaller
than the gap between the two rows of pins.
Now cut this piece of plastic in a straight line from "this corner"
to "that corner".
Now put the resulting wedges from the front and back side of the
expansion headers each and press them together. This will lift
the beaglebone from the LCD7.
Best way to do so would be two pairs of wedges...

But...as said...I neither have that kind of plastic nor do I
I own something to cut those precisely...

But may be this is something cheap to be added to the LCD7 cape, since
I am sure I am not the only one who have added the beaglebone to the
LCD7 cape :wink: :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Gerald Coley <gerald@beagleboard.org> [12-09-02 16:00]:

You do not twist. Just lift. Basically pry up each corner near the end connectors a little at a time. It take some patience.