P9_17 will not blink

Hi All,

Dumb question here. I am trying to expand the simple “Blink LED” example to 16 pins. I considered using P9_11-18 and P9_21-18… alas, it does not appear as though I can simple declare those pins as digital outputs?


In the above code P9_15 blinks, but P9_17 will not.

Is there some sort of chart out there of what the pin capabilities are on a box stock BBB? How hard is it to enable pin17 to allow it to be a digital output?


BTW, a guy in IRC pointed me at this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AmI_ryMKXUGJdDQ3LXB4X3VBWlpxQTFWbGh6RGJHUEE&f=true&noheader=true&gid=0

Looks like the pins I would like to use are likely potential candidates for digital outputs, but the various modes and capability really has me confused. Is there someone who can make this easy to understand? Is one of those “modes” the default a box stock BBB uses?

One other note, I posted the bug on the bonescript repo as well. Thinking either my device is defective, or there is a bug in bonescript library.