part number for beagle bone cape expansion headers

Just starting to layout a cape and am trying to find a part number from a distributor (i.e. digi-key, mouser, etc) for a pass through female header with pins long enough to go through the pcb and into the beagle bone. Does anyone have a part number they’ve used and can recommend?



The parts are sold by Major League Electronics.


I bought SSQ connectors from Samtec. I find their ordering process
much easier to use than ML's.


Agreed. Assuming that price is not an issue!


Price is the major issue, because couldn't I find any information
about it on ML's web site. When I order something I want to know how
much I will pay. I don't want to place an order and learn from the
invoice that they charged me $10 for each connector.


Oh, I understand. But MLE is much less expensvie coming from someone that figured out how to order them.


I trust your word. However, I don't trust sellers who make the price a
closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who know how to ask the
right question. And giving much higher price to those who asked a
different question.
That's how ML looks to me.


Well, I went to Future electronics and found pricing. MLE has a list of their distributors.

Now, most distributors are not like DigiKey and Mouser where they post all their pricing, but that is the nature of the business.


Thanks for pointing to Future. Either I must have missed them when I
was doing my research or I couldn't find the connectors, don't
remember now.
I understand that for large quantities prices are negotiable. However,
if they sell also in small quantities, they could post a price list
(e.g. prices for orders up to 100 pieces). This would save them time
and make the ordering process much easier (unless they want to scare
small customers away.)


I know where you are coming from. Mouser and Digkey are great in the way they do it. But, that service comes at a higher price which I am glad to pay in most cases. When it comes to making thousands of boards, I look for better pricing. Getting pricing out of some of these distributors is a real pain!! Also, Mouser and Digikey stock, so they know what they paid and price it accordingly. Most of the other distributors do not stock much of anything as they did in the old days. They have no idea what they are paying until they call the factory and ask!


Thanks. That explains a lot.


If you are looking for small quantities for prototypes, try adafruit… $4.95 (USD) for one set of “Stacking Header Set for Beagle Bone Capes (2x23)”

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(I have affiliation with them…)

Sorry… I have NO affiliation with them… DUH!

My apologies on the difficulty to purchase products through Major League. My name is Neil Coffman, I work in sales at MLE, and would love to price anything you would need. my e-mail is Feel free to e-mail me with any parts that you would like to stop over paying for and I will get back to you ASAP with a cross and a price.



I'm really glad to see that ML listens to customers and quickly
responds to their complaints. You can count on hearing from me when I
will be looking for connectors in the future :slight_smile:
I think that many people on the list will be interested in the prices
of the connectors used for Beablebone capes, so you will attract more
customers if you post the prices here.
The part numbers are:

Thank you for your help and I'm looking forward to see the prices,