Partial hang and most 'ps' time counters are 0?

I have a BeagleBone Black. I use it for testing a C++ library under 32-bit ARM. The library has a test driver executable program. The library also has a test script which builds test driver under different configurations and then executes the self tests.

The script takes about 4 hours to run on a modern desktop. I’m guessing its going to take 2 to 3 days under the BeagleBone. The problem is, the machine basically hangs after about 8 to 12 hours of testing. My current SSH session stops producing output. When I attempt to start a new SSH session, it partially hangs (progresses very slowly).

When I check counters for running processes under the new shell, I see nearly all counters are 0. has been running for over a day, so it seems like it should be non-0 (see below).

The BeagleBone is running Debian 8 snapshot from December, 2015.

Any ideas on how I should start troubleshooting the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at screen. Maybe your ssh connection sucks;)

apt-get install screen
<ctrl>a d # to detach the session
screen -r # to reattach the session

(Note: some versions of screen only allow root to run screen...
sudo screen
su jwalton.... )

Alternatively you could try
nohup ./ > cryptest.log 2>&1 &
tail -f cryptest.log