Partitioning SD Card


  I have got new version of Beagleboard. Earlier I was working on Rev
C3 and now got Rev A3 with no NAND Flash. It has come with a SD Card
having a FAT 32 partition.

-- Can I make other partition as Ext3 of 3.8 GB. ??
-- I don't want to install demo image, I have made my OS image of
Angstrom which I want to use as image is project specific.
-- I have to interface Beagleboard to touch screen with LCD. Can
anyone provide me some help.?

Please, reply asap.


Hi Varun,

You can of course create a dual partition for your SD Card:
- the first one must be a FAT32 bootable partition to store X-Loader,
u-boot and kernel uImage
- the second one could be reserved for your ext3 root filesystem with
your Angstrom distribution

Please, take a look at the following link that describes how to create
a dual partition into MMC/SD card:


Cedric Madianga


I did this while I was using Rev C3 but now it is not working for Beagle board xM. Please, suggest some option for this.