Patch[1/4]:This patch adds board directory for BeagleBoard.

This patch adds board directory for BeagleBoard.

  Sunil Kumar <>
  Shashi Ranjan <>
  Syed Mohammed Khasim <>


I'd remove the logo when submitting to, or at least make it
separate. I don't know what the reaction is likely to be, but it
dominates the patch and that doesn't seem like a nice way to win
initial favor. Do we know if other board support includes custom logos?

The logo seems to be 1280 wide. I think we need to figure out how to
support variable display resolutions. The logo could be smaller.
I'll have to try it later because I'm curious what it looks like. :slight_smile:

You seem to be using tabs. Is that the norm for the list?

I noticed you misspelled "Begale Board". It should be spelled "Beagle

I believe the audio tone used to test the boards can be provided as a
separate patch. That wouldn't be normal to have in a production u-boot.

For sysinfo.c, I'd be inclined to put OMAP3530, rather than OMAP3430,
but that isn't significant. Since it is a banner, I could imagine it
confusing someone.