[PATCH] Narcissus assemble_image: Make image ready for flashing NAND

* Copy a user.txt and uEnv.txt if they exist in /boot in the root fs to the boot partition,
  When the user button is pressed, U-boot chooses between these 2 files, user.txt is used
  for flashing while uEnv.txt is for a regular boot

* For SD Card image builds, also make a ubi image and copy it to /boot in the root filesystem
  This is used by the flashing script to ubiformat the NAND

Signed-off-by: Joel A Fernandes <agnel.joel@gmail.com>

THat's 2 changes in one and I don't like the second one.

Could you please split this patch up and when sending the new one put angstrom-devel in CC:?

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