Patent CN 105652813 A

I´m a student from Germany.
My plan for my Bachelor thesis is to develop a system as described in the Patent CN 105652813 A.
My knowledge about Patents is very low, but is it right that I can´t use a Beagle Bone Black for my Project because it has that Processor?
I hope anyone can answer my Question.

It is a Chinese patent.
Since I can not read Chinese, it is not clear to me whether it has been filed in Europe or Germany, specifically.
I don’t know German patent law.
Here in the US, you are permitted to build a unit for personal use and study, even though it may infringe on the patent.
You must not sell them or offer them for sale, or give them away for free if doing so would harm the person or company holding the patent.
If the patent holder did not pay to file and maintain the patent in EU or Germany, then it may not apply to you.
I suggest you talk to a lawyer for your school and see if German law is similar.

— Graham

Unfortunately, in the U.S., there is no personal use or educational use waiver of patent protection. However, as long as you don’t bring a lot of attention to the device, it shouldn’t be a problem. China may have much more lenient patent laws, but I don’t know this.

I feel like that wouldn’t receive a patent in the U.S.

I am corrected. There is no exemption for personal use or educational use in the US.
— Graham

Rule #1 don’t ever do a patent search. In the us, that’ll leave a trail for willful infringement, which is 3x multiplier on damages.

The patent looks bull shit to me. ( Not a lawyer )… looks like they patented TI’s sdk