PCB Manufacturers in China who can make Beagleboard


I'm now looking for PCB Manufacturers in China who have the experience
of making boards exactly like Beagleboard, using POP, at least 6
layers, blind vias, 0.4mm pitch, laser drilled 4mil vias, etc. I saw
these discussed on the list so far:
but they're in North America. Anyone have any contacts for
manufacturers who are able to do this within China, preferably near


So, are looking for are assembly houses in China that can handle POP? Or, are you looking for PCB manufacturers. The ones you list are PCB manufacturers and they have nothing to do with POP. If you are talking PCB manufacturers, the Beagle PCBs are made in China.


I think, http://seeedstudio.com can do it.

2010/3/23 Fred Arneto <fred.arneto@gmail.com>

Hi Gerald,

Yes, I was looking for PCB manufacturers in China. I shouldn't have
mentioned POP.


I suggest you contact the following person. These guys are the ones that assemble the Beagle and are the US rep for the company in China that we get our boards from. The company in China is a high volume company and Clint has worked a deal to help folks that may not be able to meet the order size that the guys in China are looking for. Tell him that I sent you.

Clint Cooley

Circuitco Electronics LLC

Main 214-466-6690

Fax 214-466-6694





I just checked with my counterparts in shenzhen.
They have taken a look at the beagleboard design files.
They mentioned that the price of doing the board with the blind vias
with layer 1-2, 1-3 vias (including the vias under pad) would be quite

they said that it is akin to making a dual layer board, a 3 layer
board, and a 6 layer board. something of that nature.


I can say that I have sent my Gerbers to Clint Cooley at Circuitco and he never replied. I guess CircuitCo is interested in a HUGE order of PCBs and mainly in board assembly. I understand them very well, but show me one guy living far from the USA and wishing to assembly boards in America? :slight_smile:
If someone asks about Chinese manufacturer, I believe, he wants to work directly with a Chinese manufacturer, not with a American mediator. And the story that Clint Cooley can recommend some Chinese factory that you can contact directly - the story was never confirmed.

BTW. I still can’t find a Chinese factory which can build the boards. But here is a list of guys with whom I contacted directly and they confirmed they could make the boards, but the price was high and I still didn’t order from them.

www.etlimited.cn - Marina Tang (Sales Director) marina@etlimited.cn
simon@smart-pcb.com - Simon
info@glovics.cn - Anne Shu from Glovics Technology (HK) Co., Ltd

I know that there is one factory at Taiwan which actually manufactures boards for me but with a help of some mediator and I would like to work directly to reduce expenses.
There is a factory in Korea which confirmed their capacity but again with a help of some mediator and I would like to work directly…

If anyone has more success in finding of reasonable price manufacturer - please share the info with us!


2010/3/24 Kiam Peng Wee <wee.kiampeng@orangeknob.com>


take the price you get, and quit being greed. *smile* Beagleboard price level is
very heard to beat.


1) Talk to BeagleBoard clone manufacturers if they offered low volume production
to you.

2) Search HW enthusiasts in forums like SparkFun (http://forum.sparkfun.com/).
They may know. Buyers who _do know_ don't spend their time in developers' forums.

3) Try putting your specifications and request for tenders to Alibaba. You
should shortly receive a nice number of offers.

4) Redesign your board, and remove the blind vias. They make the board _complex_
and drop out several popular PCB houses off from tendering to your project.

5) And make the price cuts elsewhere or double-check your product idea and
marketing strategy. These mediators you loathe do grease the economy and buffer
both ways - as long as you don't speak Chinese nor have a local office.


The idea to talk with Clint was to get the contact information to the company in China. It was not to get him to make a PCB. CircuitCO does not make PCBs. They do not build PCBs, and they do not manufacturer PCBs.


As to not getting a response, I prefer you let me know if you are not getting a response.