Pentesting and forensics distro for BB-xM coming Sept 10

Wanted to update everyone on my BB attack and forensics device project. Version 1 has been finalized and will be released at 44Con in London September 7. I will release it to everyone when I get back home the following week.

The distro is based on Ubuntu. It is very full featured and requires at least an. 8gb sd card. Install is a bit klunky at present but I may utilize R. Nelson 's install script to make it easier and allow people to stay up to date with his ongoing work.

Dr. Phil

Is there any information about the programms that included available online?

Because such a distro would really be interesting…

I will publish a partial list with official release. I’ll say this, for London I have 6 demos to go with my presentation and some of the tools included came out last month at DEFCON 20. It is a complete pentest setup in the palm of your hand that can run off battery for a long time. The platform known as “The Deck” has addons, such as the 4Deck which allows for easy duplication of storage media.

Preloaded SD cards may also be available if you don’t want to download 6GB of stuff and spend 2 hours copying it to the SD card.

Dr. Phil

Sounds really great! looking forward to it!