PHP for ARM linux

I need to communicate with an application on my beaglebone. More than one client may do so. I implemented a collection of web pages on my mac using server side PHP and HTML and Javascript on the client.
I think this is a pretty normal thing to do. I have an http server on the BB. I don’t mind eventually using node.js, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be a today project. I had no prior experience with PHP so I learned a few things.

I have ubuntu installed on both my laptop (intel) and by BB. On both machines I did
sudo apt-get install php5

On my laptop, I was successful. On my BB I got the stuff about packages needing to be installed and when I entered Y for yes, I got about 6 messages like

Err oneiric-updates/main apache2-mpm-prefork armel 2.2.20-1ubuntu1.2
404 Not Found

and 7 messages like

Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

and the following message

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?

I was wondering if anyone has used PHP in an ARM linux environment. If so, what needs to be done.


Thank you Eric.
I now have PHP working

This is a video draft explaining it :

Al 10/03/13 19:32, En/na Old Mac Dude ha escrit: