PHP with apache

Hello, I have a great image running that I got off of
The apache server is running very well, my question is has does
anybody know how to install php abilities on it. went and download
php, but when I went to install it the aspx file in apache is missing,
which seems to mean that the devel module is missing from apache when
it was installed. Anyways I was wondering if anybody had run into this
problem and found a relatively simple solution.

Somewhere last week I made modphp to compile. It is on the feed and I
could execute some small progs with it.
There is no mysql support on this version (that compiled, but caused
apache to crash when executed).

wrt the apache devel module: no idea about that. I never tried to use
php itself (it is still on my agenda).
It might be that you have to install apache2-dev.