Physical Dimensions


A few people at my hackerspace are pretty excited for X15.

Could we see bottom pics of the current board?
I think I see where the expansion headers are, but more pics would be appreciated.

Sounds like it is pretty close to NUC size but not quite, it would be really awesome if you could pull that off.
Either way I’m ready to fire up the laser cutter to make case as soon as we get all the physical dimensions. :slight_smile:


It is larger than the NUC, About 4.2" x 4".

I will try and get a picture when I can.


Additional Pictures!

#0 Top, Ethernet facing
#1 Bottom
#2 Top, attached to LCD expansion board

Yep, that is the Beta version. another one to come. The X15 has no LCD board. That is for the AM5728 EVM for TI.

I have yet to create an LCD board for the X15.


Thanks for sharing the pics. There’s always room for some wrap wire in beta versions it seems :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work on the BeagleBoard X15, and looking forward to its release :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info!

Does that mean there are accessories that are already compatible or are the expansion headers going to change?

The expansion headers are not going to change. The board has not been released, so there should be nothing out there already compatible.


Why so “big”? :slight_smile: It is even bigger than xM version. Will there be any new version of BBB format in future, or x15 is the new direction?


Dne úterý 2. prosince 2014 19:53:37 UTC+1 Gerald napsal(a):

Well, components take up space. More space is needed for those parts. Bigger processors 4x memory chips.More expansion pins, two RJ45, three USB3 connectors, eSATA, two audio jacks.

Trust me, there is no open space…


OK, thanks for the clarification. I was just curious, if you are again splitting it between the xM kind of board and BBB form factor, e.g. one being a media oriented board, whereas other specialised for the automatition, etc. Anyway - looking forward to the x15 board!


Dne pátek 20. února 2015 18:28:50 UTC+1 Gerald napsal(a):

Trying to keep it as small as possible, but it takes space for al the stuff on the board.


I know it’s maybe too early, but aside the new (and very intresting x15) is there any plan for a new BeagleBone (am43xx based for example) ?

AM43xx is not compatible with the AM335x. So if anything were done, it would not be a BeagleBone. At this point, I have no plans to do anything with that devcie.


Ok! Thanks for the reply!