Pico projector flickering

I just got my hands on the Pico Projector (how small it is!!), hooked
it up to the Beagleboard (rev B5) and booted into the Angstrom image
(20081205) I download and setup some weeks ago.

It looks good and boots up showing the login screen, but... the image
constantly flickers. The more "white" is the image, the more it

The demo image shown with nothing attached to the projector is
incredibily stable so i think nothingis wrong with the projectr itself
(i really hope so).

Do I need some other tweaking on the boot params or somewhere else?
Thanks for helping.

I made it through! Just a little patience and a MUCH more recent
Angstrom files (20090210) from


Worked like a charm when using proper boot params as stated here


Great job beagle community (and TI)!