Pico Projector with Beagle Bone Black

and i believe we have our resolution -- mine has no such sticker.


I don’t have my replacement BBB yet so I can’t dig myself out, but, is the BBB setup to do everything through a framebuffer? Or is there an actual X11 driver that loads when you start X? If so, I know I’ve used device parameters to force a custom EDID with X11 before when using HDMI with an uncompliant-but-actually-compliant television before. I mention it as it might be a possible solution for all these people having EDID display issues.

Alternatively, it might be worth allowing boot params that force a particular video mode (obviously at ones own danger) regardless of the EDID data.

Has this been tested to see if the pico works with BBB ?.

Please let me know. I’m waiting for the verdict to buy one.


we had a discussion on this a while back, during which i mentioned
that my original TI pico projector didn't work, but that's because it
apparently didn't return EDID. version 2 of the TI pico projector
apparently does, but i have no such projector to test this on, so
perhaps someone else can weigh in here.


Thank you.
Can you suggest a projector that would work with the BBB ( or the specs that I should be looking for, while purchasing one to work with BBB ?. ( other than TI’s Pico )
I could even try getting it.

My only constraint is that it should be as compact as Ti’s Pico.


has anyone been able to test the Ti’s Pico on BBB yet ?.

Please let me know.