PID capability

Hello to all,
I want to ask you if Beaglebone Black is the right choice to develop a PID algorithm.
I want a loop to close at exactly 200HZ…i.e i want every exactly 200Hz to have a new output.
Is this possible with Beaglebone due his kernel?
I am afraid that i can not achieve this because maybe i cannot full control Beaglebones operation system.
For example maybe in 200Hz kernel needs to service another routine.
Can i have a real time system with Beaglebone or i need to develop my PID in a microcontroller?

In general is it common to develop a PID controller in a Beaglebone and if so in what frequencies?

Thank you very much in advance!

It shouldn’t be an issue to get a PID control running at 10 kHz on the host processor (ie with libpruio). Complex network activities or grafics may slow it down, but in worst case you can use one of the two Programmable Real-time Unit SubSystems (PRUSS) running at 200 MHz.

Depends on how much jitter your control can tolerate. Beaglebone most likely can hit the 200Hz rate. There is the PRUSS that run independent of the main OS so it will have much better jitter.