PIN Mux Mode 0 on expansion port of beagleboard C2

Hello everybody.

I'm a real beginner with Beagleboard, so i'm very sorry if my question
may seem silly. I'm still confused how to enable the pin mux mode 0 on
expansion header of beagleboard, i want to activate the I2C pins and
the MMC2 pins as well. And as far as i known, the default pin mux mode
is 4. I'm now using the Beagleboard ver. C2, and i don't know if
there's a patch to enable all pins to mode 0 ?

Thank you for your time to read this,


Download the pinmux tool from TI, and read the documentation and the produced files, this will give you more details on what files and how you need to patch


Hello Sond,
you probably should download the "OMAP35x Applications Processor,
Technical Reference Manual". There, you can find in Chapter 7, Figure
7-7 - Pad Configuration Register Functionality. The Pad control
registers are shown there in Table 7-4 and you can set the way you
want for your expansion header according to Figure 7-7.