Pin out difference between 74AVC32T245 device & datasheet

I am integrating the 74AVC32T245 device into my design.
I have spotted a discrepancy between the pin out shown on the schematic for the LCD7 cape (document number BBT-BONE-LCD7-01, REVA3) and the pinout according to the datasheet.

The schematic shows:
H1 as 2B8
H2 as 2B7
The Texas instruments datasheet shows:
H1 as 2B7
H2 as 2B8

Pins T1, T2 are also similarly swapped.

Does anyone know which is correct?

Normally I would go with the datasheet but I assume the LCD7 cape does work…

Thanks in advance…

Schematics have been known to be more wrong that datasheets. Schematics often lag in updates, especially once a product is in production and even more so when it’s open source or other ‘labor of love.’