Pin P9 _ 7,8 5V_SYS voltage configuration.

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use the 5V output of pin P9 _ 7 to feed a peripheric wich is sensitive to voltages.
Is it possible to control and decrease or increase the voltage easily via software?

Thanks so much, cheers!



If peripheral is power-supply voltage sensitive,
give peripheral own power-supply.

Peripheral own power-supply may take from SYS_5V or VDD_3V3B.

I did not have time to find a dev board with (I2C) variable voltage output.

SYS_5V cannot be used for software controlled variable output because of TPS65217C:

SYS_5V is output switched between input VDD_5V jack-in and input USB_DC PC USB (and input BAT) the highest voltage input is switched on.