plans for next beaglebone with am437x?

Hey guys!

I can see a little buzzing on the Internet about new products based on
new Sitara AM473x processors. There are some differences between
am335x and am437x series, but the price difference is not that much to
care about. What if next Beaglebone has this processor? Do you need
features available from am437x, like quad PRU or DSS?

Check am437x features at the product page:

The X15 is the solution we have chosen for the next generation Beagle. Already in the works. It does not have this device on it.



I know your plans. I just wanted to know if anyone else need products based on am437x

Ahh. Go it. I will reserve my comments on that processor then.


Actually, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that processor, good or bad.

A new one. Dual core A15 1.5GHZ.