playing movie with DirectFB(df_video)

Hi all,

Has anyone played movie with DirectFB(I use df_video)?? I had install
DirectFB, example, extra, and ffmpeg to my Beagle Board. The video
provider I use is FFMpeg. While playing, it gives me the following

(!) Direct/Interface: Unable to dlopen `/usr/lib/directfb-1.2-0/
    --> /usr/lib/directfb-1.2-0/interfaces/IDirectFBVideoProvider/ undefined symbol: ff_log2_tab
df_video.c <93>:
  (#) DirectFBError [dfb->CreateVideoProvider( dfb, argv[1],
&videoprovider )]: No (suitable) implementation found!

I had checked the ff_log2_tag had existed in avutil.h and inluded by
libavcodec.h who is included by the FFMpeg Video Provider.

What's going on??

The version of apps I use are:

ffmpeg - 1:0.4.9

Hsun-Cheng Hu

I was able to get directfb-extra's mpeg provider to work on my BB,
however it was pretty slow.
I'm not sure whats wrong here, but it is possible :slight_smile:
I suspect you need to recompile ffmpeg, then directfb-extra using the
new ffmpeg libraries.