Please provide source and model number for purcahsing serial cable for BeagleBoard-xM ?

I need to get started with BeagleBoard-xM.

I need to purchase serial cable that connects to RS232 DB9 female connector on BeagleBoard-xM and USB connector on PC.

Following is the description of serial cable from System Reference Manual:

A USB to Serial cable can be plugged directly into the Beagle. Unlike on the original version of the Beagle, a straight through non null modem cable is required. The cable you used on the BeagleBoard will NOT
work on the –xM version. A standard male to female straight DB9 cable may be used or you can use a USB to serial adapter that will plug directly into the board without the need for any other cables.

Please provide part number or model number and source (i.e. Mouser Electronics) for purchasing the correct cable.